St. James Church - Goose Creek, South Carolina
South Carolina, like most other Southern states, has a Protestant Christian majority, and a lower percentage of non-religious people than the national average. The religious affiliations of the people of South Carolina are as follows:

• Christian: 92%
  1. Protestant: 84%
  2. Southern Baptist: 45%
  3. Methodist: 15%
  4. Presbyterian: 5%
  5. Other Protestant: 19%
  6. Roman Catholic: 7%
  7. Other Christian: 1%
• Other Religions: 1%
• Non-Religious: 7%
Sephardic Jews have lived in the state for more than 300 years, especially in and around Charleston. Until about 1830, South Carolina had the largest population of Jews in North America. Many of South Carolina's Jews have assimilated into Christian society, shrinking Judaism down to less than 1% of the total religious makeup. In addition, Roman Catholicism is growing in South Carolina due to immigration from the North.

Luciano Mende

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