John W. Martin

John Wellborn Martin (June 21, 1884 – February 22, 1958) was the 24th Governor of Florida. He was born in Plainfield, Marion County, Florida. Martin passed the Florida bar in 1914 and established a law career in Jacksonville. He served as mayor of Jacksonville from 1917 until 1923. He was elected governor on January 6, 1925 serving until January 8, 1929. During his tenure, tourism and land speculation purchases increased, road and highway developments were advanced, and an industrial plant for physically disabled prisoners was created. Martin also advocated for state-funded public schools and for granting free schoolbooks to all students through sixth grade. After leaving office, he returned to Jacksonville. He unsuccessfully ran for the U.S. Senate in 1928 and for the governorship in 1932. He died in Jacksonville in 1958, and is buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Jacksonville. Martin County, Florida is named for him.

Source: Wikipedia

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