Hoonah, population less than 1,000, is a predominantly Tlingit community on the northern part of Chichagof Island about 40 air miles west of Juneau. Jobs in the area are dominated by fishing and timber. Fire destroyed most of Hoonah in 1946. The community was rebuilt with war materials quickly diverted from shipments under way to Hawaii.

Juneau residents and others visit Hoonah in increasing numbers to take advantage of the recreation along the road system. Hoonah recently completed work on a new cruiseship terminal and cultural center. This project is impacting not only the economy but the social climate of this small community.

The Hoonah Ranger District is in Hoonah.

Nestled against the base of White Alice mountain, Hoonah is a quiet fishing village which has been home to the Huna Tlingit since advancing ice pushed them from the shores of Glacier Bay during the last ice age. Located at the confluence of Icy Strait and Port Frederick, Hoonah boasts immediate access to outstanding fishing and excellent whale watching. We have often spotted humpback and killer whales working along the shores right in front of town. The rich waters of Icy Strait support a large and diverse population of marine mammals, fish and birds.

Luciano Mende

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