Cary A. Hardee
Cary Augustus Hardee (November 13, 1876 – November 21, 1957) was the 23rd Governor of Florida.

Born in Taylor County, Florida, he spent most of his life in Live Oak, Florida. He was a lawyer, state attorney, member of the Florida House of Representatives, and speaker of the Florida House before being elected governor. He took office on January 4, 1921. During his term, the state adopted constitutional amendments that reapportioned the legislature and prohibited the levying of state income and inheritance taxes. He also halted the practice of leasing state prisoners out to private businesses. He left office on January 6, 1925. He ran for governor again in 1932, but lost out in the Democratic primary. He was a banker in Live Oak until his death in 1957.

During his term as governor electrocution became a legal method of execution in Florida.

Hardee County, Florida is named for him.

Source: Wikipedia

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