Notable North Dakotans
• Dick Armey former U.S. Representative.
• James F. Buchli former NASA astronaut.
• Quentin N. Burdick former U.S. Senator, third longest-serving Senator among current members of this body
• Warren Christopher former U.S. Secretary of State, diplomat and lawyer.
• Shannon Curfman American blues-rock guitarist and singer.
• Angie Dickinson Golden Globe-winning television and film actress.
• Josh Duhamel Emmy Award-winning actor and former male fashion model
• Carl Ben Eielson was an aviator, bush pilot and explorer.
• CariDee English winner of Cycle 7 on America's Next Top Model. Host of Pretty Wicked.
• Louise Erdrich a Native American author of novels, poetry, and children's books.
• Virgil Hill former WBA World Cruiserweight champion and Olympic boxer.
• Chuck Klosterman a writer, journalist, critic, humorist, and essayist whose work often focuses on pop culture.
• Louis L'Amour an author of primarily Western fiction.
• Jonny Lang a Grammy-winning blues guitarist and singer.
• Peggy Lee a jazz and traditional pop singer and songwriter.
• Kellan Lutz actor who portrays Emmett Cullen in Twilight (2008 film) and New Moon (2009 film). Former male fashion model.
• Roger Maris a right fielder in Major League Baseball and former single season home run record holder
• Thomas McGrath, who was a poet and political activist.
• Mancur Olson, American economist
• Alan Ritchson American Idol-3rd season participant singer, model, actor
• Sakakawea a Shoshone woman of Lewis and Clark fame
• Eric Sevareid a CBS news journalist.
• Ed Schultz the host of The Ed Schultz Show.
• Ann Sothern an Oscar nominated film and television actress
• Shadoe Stevens was the host of American Top 40.
• Lawrence Welk a musician, accordion player, bandleader, and television impresario.
• Bobby Vee an American pop music singer.
• Richard Hieb former NASA astronaut.

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