Thorne Bay, on Prince of Wales Island, has over 500 residents. Thorne Bay began as a logging camp in 1962, authorized under the terms of the long-term timber contract held by Ketchikan Pulp Company. The state received title to national forest lands around the Thorne Bay logging camp August 22, 1980. Those lands were subdivided, and residents who occupied lots were given the opportunity to purchase them.

Thorne Bay was incorporated as a city in 1982. Through state funding and some rural development funding from the Forest Service, Thorne Bay constructed a city park, boat and float plane dock, a state-of-the-art landfill, and a new water and sewer system. The community is now connected by paved road to the City of Craig. The Thorne Bay Ranger District is located in the City of Thorne Bay.

Luciano Mende

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